Editor's Diary: El Paseo Fashion Week 2015

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Editor's Diary El Paseo Fashion Week 2015-2

El Paseo Fashion Week is in full effect and we are flexing our own fashion muscle. So then, how did we decide how to style ourselves for this stylish night out?

Editors Diary El Paseo Fashion Week 2015

Alicia: I love the color red so it was a simple choice to go with a sassy red dress. I accessorized my look with a gold necklace and black/gold heels. I always believe that great fashion should accentuate your best assets.

Editor's Diary El Paseo Fashion Week 2015-3

Arianne: I wanted to go bold without being the loudest lady in the room! You can never go wrong with a nice print, and with stripes being a huge trend for spring, I felt it was the perfect choice for the night. As many women always fear, I dread being caught in the exact same ensemble as someone else. For this reason, knowing that most attendees [women] would opt for a dress or pant suit, I decided to go with shorts.

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