Gym Beauty Essentials: BEST Skincare Products for Fitness!

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Gym Beauty Essentials

Have a date or event post-work out and need your skin looking it’s best? NO PROBLEMO! We are about to make gym beauty essentials SUPER EASY.

The ultimate gym bag skincare essentials should kill bacteria from dirt and sweat, brighten overall skin tone; and de-puff with anti-inflammatory ingredients. Know any products that can do all of that? We do!

AVYA’s Travel Set features all of the above benefits along with neem (Indian lilac) known for it’s an anti-bacterial properties. Plus, experience turmeric high in antioxidants, and vitamin c to keep your complexion glowing. All created for darker skin tones to help stabilize melanin.

If you’re looking for the perfect size skincare to throw in your gym bag AVYA has you covered. Simply grab up your set and go hit the gym. Featuring three 5mL’s of the Anti-Aging Power Serum w/ Vitamin C; Day Moisturizer with SPF20; and Eye Bright Cream w/ Caffeine that comes in a blush zipper pouch.

Gym Beauty Essentials: BEST Skincare Products for Fitness

Intrigued? Well, we figured you might want to know the price of AVYA’s FABULOUS set of skincare products that’s perfect for any gym bag. Also, below you’ll find a cheat sheet of additional skin benefits this set offers. Happy shopping loves!

AVYA Travel Set $55.00
•Day Moisturizer w/ mineral SPF 20 (5mL)
•Anti-Aging Power Serum w/ Vitamin C (5mL)
•Eye Bright Cream w/ Caffeine (5mL)
•Infused with turmeric, neem, and vitamin C
•Antioxidant-rich, anti-inflammation, anti-bacterial
•Improves hyperpigmentation, texture, and overall skin tone
•Made for higher levels of melanin

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