Meghan Markle Covers Tatler Magazine December 2019 Edition!

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Meghan Markle Covers Tatler Magazine

Her Royal Highness, Meghan Markle Covers Tatler Magazine December 2019 Edition! Yes, it’s true, the Duchess of Sussex is a GORGEOUS cover girl for one of the longest running magazines in the modern era. Kudos!

HOWEVER… this issue is causing many to raise a few eyebrows. Why? Well, let’s just say the verbiage is not exactly “friendly.”

It’s a bit shocking; because news of this new cover comes on the heels of a heart-wrenching interview in which Markle admits that being a new mom and wife in the public eye is tough. Not only is it not as easy as it looks; but there are not too many that even think to ask if Meghan is doing okay.

Honestly, when you see the footage; if you have a soul at all your heart goes out to her. You see genuine sadness in her eyes. If reaching through a screen was technologically possible; many of us would of took the opportunity to reach on through with a hug. Meghan seemed to be near tears.

Nevertheless, her behavior is still not “odd.” It is common. Many new moms at times experience postpartum depression after giving birth to their little bundles of joy. Moreover, being a celebrity does not shield one from such an emotional experience.

Nevertheless, with such a major and viral reveal from HRH being brought before the eyes of the world. One would think Tatler would have nothing but something positive to say about Markle. WRONG.

Meghan Markle Covers Tatler Magazine December 2019 Edition!

Right smack on the cover you will find Meghan’s face plastered front and center; and the headline, “Does she conquer or divide?” Does she what?! Why is this even being said?

This is really, really BIG issue for Tatler so you would think the headline would naturally be something positive. Instead it’s an uncharacteristic low blow.

Don’t believe? Here’s a quick look back on some of Tatler’s past covers.

First up Julianne Moore gets to talk about beauty, an iconic fashion designer and men. No negatives in reference to her.

Next up is Madonna. The material girl gets to give an interview on her terms… by one of her good friends.

Let’s give a model a world, shall we? Beauty Olympia Campbell also graced the cover of Tatler. However, she is given the grand title of ruler of the waves.

Now let’s turn our attention to the wonderful and talented Liv Tyler (not sarcasm, we really heart her lol). Tatler refers to her as Britain’s American beauty, and a member of high society. Hmm… so an American, can be praised for joining higher circles; but an actual member of the royal family who is also an American no less is nothing but a family and country divider. Interesting.

Lastly, the other Tatler cover for the month of December. It’s a celebration of the magazine’s long-running success. All positive. Just like the above cover mentioning that Elle Fanning is a Hollywood princess.

So What’s Causing This?

Therefore, if Tatler can take the high road regularly for their magazine; why couldn’t they for Meghan? Tatler is a cool mag with a great vibe. Which is why it stinks to see THEM be dividers of the people. The very thing they are accusing the duchess of doing. Ironic.

Nonetheless, We would never wish this type of headline on anyone. Tatler is just stirring the pot and adding fuel to an already horrible media fire. Basically labeling royalty as a “problem starter.” Sad.

Would one say that about the queen? William? Any of the other royals?

One commenter on Tatler’s Instagram summed it up best. “You don’t like Meghan because she’s half black.” Boom.

It’s nothing deeper. It is not about personality. Not that she is a former actress.  Unfortunately, it boils down to what is pulsing through her veins. She’s half black and that’s the part of her that some find revulsing. Sadly.

Being of color ourselves, we have experienced this very same phenomena. It’s not fun. We really wish it was not common. However, prejudice for now exists, and we look forward to the day it doesn’t.

Her Royal Highness, Meghan Markle Covers Tatler Magazine December 2019 Edition —But There is Good News

Well now that you have background on the controversy. You can form your own opinion on it. Moreover, since Tatler is not being entirely positive we are choosing to say something nice in their behalf.

There is a silver lining in all of this. In the month of December Tatler will celebrate a major milestone. Their mag will be 310 years young! WOW!

That kind of longevity truly deserves a round of applause. Especially with all the developments in tech and publishing. We tip our hats to them and give them a standing ovation for weathering all of the magazine production storms. Additionally, in view of their anniversary edition Tatler reveals,

“Tatler made its instantly success and groundbreaking debut in 1709. 310 years later it is still a must read for those that want the inside track on the most important and influential people in the country. What they are talking about, their tastes and fashion– and to see inside the most glamorous parties in the land. Toast the milestone by picking the 310th Anniversary December issue.”

Furthermore, Meghan being on the cover for such a big milestone is still a very nice accomplishment for her. She gets to be apart of a rich history in the realm of literature and journals. Most likely like us, Meghan probably realizes that you’re never going to be loved by everyone; yet that does not mean you still won’t have the opportunity to shine. Regarding her feature, Tatler says,

“Who better to appear on the cover of the special 310th Anniversary issue than HRH the Duchess of Sussex, the most talked about woman of the day. Tatler conducted an exclusive nationwide poll on the country’s opinions on Meghan and four writers share their differing takes on the Duchess.”

While we hate the titling; it’s still a big issue, a big deal for Tatler and a big well done to Meghan for keeping her composure in a divided world.