Wet Seal Clothing Closes Down - The End of an Era

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This is what it sounds like when malls cry. It’s official, major fashion brand Wet Seal clothing closes down joining a scary growing list of store closings. There is definitely a disturbance in the fashion realm. What in the world is going on?

Wet Seal Clothing Closes Down – The End of an Era

First Aeropostale and now Wet Seal. Last year, Aeropostale sent shock waves throughout the couture industry when news hit they were filing for bankruptcy. Moreover, the move also meant that they would be closing over 150 stores.

Nevertheless, Aeropostale was not the only brand to feel the decrease in storefronts pinch. 2016 was a savage year that by most definition sucked for everyone and any breathing thing. Abercrombie and Finch experienced a lost of 60 stores. The cause? By all accounts the brand had apparently lost its “cool factor” as well as teen consumers.

Therefore, the real question is why aren’t teens choosing to purchase from huge mall stores anymore? Also, where is their attention now turning to? Let’s quickly investigate.

The Teen Market- Keeping It 100

One thing that we remember learning in high school is the ugly truth about life. Literally, the bubble was burst. By the time we were old enough to collect Social Security and retire there would actually be zero funds for us. Moreover, even going to college wouldn’t change the fact that there are only so many jobs. Plus, oh yeah we would most likely be working to our death beds because by time we are older the retirement age would be higher than 65. Lucky us right?

We could go on and on, but why be such a negative Nelly today. The fact is these simple truths have caused a swift in the thinking of the under 25 crowd. If brands want to compete they need produce products that people actually want at an affordable price point. This is because money is an issue and we are not just going to spend our hard earned cash on just anything with a major brand tag.

Many brands have failed to recognize the times and have lost touch with their market. That same hoodie that was sold at the mall a decade ago for a high price is being left on the rack to collect dust. RIP.

Nevertheless, the new school generation is also not here for social injustices or divisions. If a brand is caught only hiring only certain individuals or mistreating staff members; in seconds its all over social media and a decrease in sales is soon to follow.

Moreover, there is an increase in the desire to have high quality clothes that won’t wear out quickly. Some brands have chosen to cheap out on materials and young consumers have thus chosen to take their business elsewhere. Plus, this group lived through the recession that occurred after 9/11. They saw family and friends lose everything and now they have learned to be even more frugal. Studies show that with online spending almost 70% choose to look at reviews before purchasing a product. So if a brand’s stuff sucks, we know about it and we won’t be opening our wallets.

Wet Seal Clothing Closes

We can’t lie, we loved Wet Seal. Bought some of the best denim ever from there. Jeans that actually fit and fit well. Plus, it was a store that we grew up with and was very much a mall staple. After grabbing a Mrs. Field’s cookie you went there. Certainly an end to an awesome era.

For weeks, Wet Seal had been preparing for the inevitable. Signs of closure was everywhere even online. It started with the sales indicating that every remaining article of fashion had to go. From dresses to accessories, nothing could remain.

On the last day of shopping Wet Seal announced that all items would be 90% off. However, by that point many stores had already closed, with mall maintenance workers confirmed they were removing Wet Seal’s store signage. Nevertheless, is this truly the end for Wet Seal clothing?

Hang on tight dolls Wet Seal may still have a tiny pulse. The brand released the following statement:

“Thanks Babe, it’s been real. We hope you’ve had as much fun as we have and are ready for more! It has been an honor to provide the most driven, passionate and empowered girls the latest in fashion for the past 55 years. Your dedication and loyalty has us working on a new and improved Wet Seal. Continue to check us out and in the coming days we’ll share more on what’s ahead.”

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