Lisa Frank Makeup Line...the 90s Keep Coming Back

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O-M-G dolls! We totally feel transported back to simpler times of trapper keepers, Moesha, Sister, Sister and Boy Meets World. 90’s kids lived vibrant lives and enjoyed some of the coolest toys and products. One of them hands down without any contest was Lisa Frank.

Lisa Frank Makeup Line…the 90s Keep Coming Back

Actually, in reality Lisa Frank was responsible for a whole slew of awesome products. Lisa gave us folders, tee shirts, wall paper, leggings and stickers galore. Moreover, there were also pens, pencils, backpacks, tank tops, sweatshirts and even hats.

She was literally your one stop shop for back-to-school goodies. At summer’s end when it came time to buy school supplies Lisa Frank was definitely one of the things you were tossing into the basket. Hopefully, without mom noticing how much you were running up the school supplies tab (haha).

Nevertheless, what was the appeal? Why did so many young girl’s flock to Tar-Jay (Target if you’re bougie) every year to get their little hands on some merchandise? Simply put Lisa Frank is one of a kind.

When you get a glimpse of a LF product you instantly know its a Lisa Frank creation. The cutesy use of animals both real and fairytale, plus don’t even get us started on the colors! Just an explosion of epic-ness making contact with your line of vision.

Every piece and product has also always been so well developed with the signature boisterous use of hues and shades. In turn, making everything so extremely fun as well as entertaining to look at. You could spend as much time trying to find Waldo in a sea of people as you would trying to take in one illustration created for a Lisa Frank folder. Her products are seriously that dimensional.

Furthermore, thanks to Lisa Frank, a girl’s world truly could be chalk full of unicorns and rainbows. She made it cool to enjoy being bold and girly simultaneously. Most importantly, Frank was one of the first brands to really cater to young girls and make it a real lifestyle.

Lisa Frank Makeup Line- The Time is Oh So Right

With all that being said it seems so crazy that it has taken this long for things to get this point. A marriage between makeup and Lisa Frank feels as though it should of occurred almost two decades ago, but times were different back then. How so?

In the 90’s kids were still… well kids (LOL). There was no such thing as Youtube tutorials, contouring or social media pics showing how to achieve a “beat face.” Little girls played in mommy’s makeup smearing lipstick across their tiny faces. However, it was just that, playing.

Back then there was no real connection between the beauty industry and young girls as well as pre-teens. The only real makeup little girls were rocking back then was Barbie peel off nail polish, clear roll-on lip gloss and flavored Lip Smackers lip balm. If you care to know we were addicts over the soda pop ones. Specifically, Dr. Pepper.

However, we digress. If you really want to see why a LF cosmetics line may have not worked too well in the 80’s and 90’s just look over a little visual evidence. Seriously, compare pics of young girls now with young chicks from the 90s and the pics are drastically different.

Nevertheless, all of this just illustrates just how times have changed. Young women have more of an interest in makeup now. Everyone wants to look flawless and post about it online. Blame it on social, TV or even the movies. It doesn’t really matter, the fact is just as many 12 year olds know about Urban Decay as a 25 year old.

Therefore, this creates the perfect atmosphere for more brands to not only widen their consumer base, but get on the ground floor to scoop of customers they will have for decades to come. To fill and reach this new market they are promoting younger brand ambassadors and even pushing aside typical models for more “real” relatable girls. Nevertheless, that is the beauty of Lisa Frank, she doesn’t have to create youthful appeal, her products already possess it.

Lisa Frank Makeup Line

Alright, by now we’re sure you are wondering what you can expect from the upcoming Lisa Frank Makeup Line. Frank has collaborated with New Jersey based company Glamour Dolls in order to create fresh, fun products. If you are afraid of the Lisa Frank classic style being comprised don’t be. Jessica Romano, the co-founder of Glamour Dolls promises, “Our brand is bold and colorful and fun and it just aligns perfectly with her image and her brand.”

Whew! Well that is certainly beauty music to our ears. Furthermore, if you look up Glamour Dolls you will find a slew of festive tinted products accompanied by awesome spunky names. Definitely Lisa Frank-esqe. Also, another thing we love about GD is that they create cruelty-free products. Therefore, you will be able to indulge freely without feeling like you are doing damage to the animal kingdom.

So then, what’s on tap first for the Lisa Frank cosmetics line? So far on the Glamour Dolls website you will find an angled blush brush. Frank personally designed the artwork and you will instantly notice the familiar unicorn print on the brush’s handle. Plus, there’s more products on the way!

Already set to be apart of the lineup is a: highlighter powder, liquid eyeliner, makeup bag and mousse lip color. Moreover, one product we are salivating to see is the Unicorn Lippie. Like what will that look like and what will be it’s shade? Only time shall tell and we can’t wait!

Glamour Dolls promises that the collection will be perfect for young girls as well as adults who adore the brand and of course…color! If you would love for things to progress quicker with the Lisa Frank line, remember money talks. Head on over to Kickstarter to donate to the line. Already $100,000 has been collected so things are definitely plowing on ahead.

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