Applying Mascara: Pumping Mascara Out of Bottle

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Beauty Tip-To pump or not to pump that is the real question! Applying mascara can give your eyes a major pop, but there’s something that many girls do that can turn into a real ugly problem! No matter what ladies NEVER PUMP your mascara. Instead scroll on to learn a really easy tip for rectifying this issue. Nevertheless, why do we do it in the first place? What is the deal with pumping mascara out of a bottle anyway?

Applying Mascara: Pumping Mascara Out of Bottle

Well to make things simple, most women engage in some pumping action in order to place more product onto the mascara product’s wand. Usually this becomes necessary when a mascara is a little older and not so much formula seems to make its way out anymore. Girls think by vigorously pumping they will save time and get more formula out the bottle.

Nonetheless, whether your mascara is old or not you just should not pump at all when applying mascara. Pumping a wand in and out actually works against your desired result for two reasons. For one, the air that gets trapped inside the bottle dries out the liquid inside. Also, you could force in bacteria as well as cause your mascara to clump and flake. Can you say yuck?

Moreover, in the long run this can result in spending more money from having to buy mascara much sooner than otherwise expected. Therefore, to avoid this what should be done? Is there any makeup trick that can be utilized to get more product out without drying out what’s inside?

To get more quantity (mascara formula) onto the mascara brush simply twirl the brush. Yes dolls just twirl those wands inside the bottle like you are Gone with the Wind fabulous! However, to avoid forcing unwanted air into the bottle, simply give the wand a nice and easy 90 degrees twirl before pulling it out.

As you can see applying mascara doesn’t have to eventually cause a potential beauty disaster. Just do the twist with your wand. Twirling will lessen the amount of trapped air so that you can create a nice separated, voluminous look.

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