Tom Ford Cardi Lipstick - Smoking Blue From the Boys and Girls Collection

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Tom Ford Cardi Lipstick

Yep… you have to be quicker than that. If you were among the thousands of beauty hopefuls wishing upon a makeup star to get the new Tom Ford Cardi Lipstick; most likely, it is still unfortunately just a wish. The Cardi B cosmetics collaboration with iconic fashion designer, Tom Ford, literally sold out in a blink of an eye.

The popularity of Cardi’s release comes as no surprise. The hip hop star and now most streamed female rapper of all time also enjoyed much attention for her couture collab with Steve Madden. A line that consisted of fabulous curated styles straight from the top footwear brand. Since fashion was such a hit, it makes sense that Cardi B would try and extend her hands into beauty.

Tom Ford Cardi Lipstick – Smoking Blue From the Boys and Girls Collection

Tom Ford Cardi Lipstick

Nevertheless, the color of Cardi’s lipstick is also well-timed. With blue lipsticks not really being seen since the beginning of the year, Cardi’s blue hue lippy was certainly a fresh breath of air. An electric blue shade with an ultra sultry, smooth finish thanks to a creamy ingredient mix of: Chamomilla Flower Extract and Brazilian Murumuru Butter.

Other than a recent sighting on Janet Jackson in promotion of her Made For Now single, the lip tint was acting more like an unicorn. Rarely seen. Yet, Tom Ford and Cardi B is bringing it back to the fore and are flaunting it proudly. The Cardi lipstick is apart of the Tom Ford Boys and Girls Collection and the luxury brand says the reason Ford created the lip line is because:

“To Tom Ford, there is no more dramatic accessory than a perfect lip. It is the focus of the face and it has the power to define a woman’s whole look. The collection showcases a decadent wardrobe of 50 rich, vivacious, sensuous shades; that influence a mood and transform an entire look for maximum impact.”

Furthermore, each color in the collection represents a woman that Tom Ford admires. For instance, you will also find lipsticks with names such as: Letitia, Cindy, Jessica and Kaia. You may be able to guess who those colors belong too. Nonetheless, each lipstick retails for $36 each. However, so far there is no word on a restock on Cardi. Sorry peeps.

Tom Ford Cardi Lipstick

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