Get Your Man Right: Tom Ford 002 Timepiece - Exquisite Luxury

Tom Ford 002
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Tom Ford 002

He may forget your anniversary, but at least he will always be on time! An accessory for men, that is slightly getting overlooked due to the invention known as the smartphone; watches are becoming less of a gentlemen’s couture mainstay. Yet, if worn it adds a delicious element of sophistication and classic style that can not be ignored. Therefore, Get Your Man Right with a luxurious timepiece sure to fit any guy’s personal flair. May we please intro you to the Tom Ford 002 Collection!

Get Your Man Right: Tom Ford 002 Timepiece – Exquisite Luxury

Tom Ford 002

Father time never looked so chic! What we adore about these watches is that it’s EXTREMELY hard not to look impressive with one on your wrist. Well-made, well-crafted and screams high-end.

Moreover, your SO can also have a little fun customizing this one’s design to his own stylish tastes. For instance, the straps are interchangeable. Meaning he can rock with a braided strap one day, then go for an embossed look the next. The choice is all his.

Furthermore, with all the different color choices he also can find the one that suits his vibe perfectly. Whether that’s an iconic black and gold combo, or an in-your-face I’m not afraid to rock the boat red on black hue. Either is sure to be a ‘spotlight’ fashion moment.

Tom Ford 002

The Tom Ford label also had a few details to share about their latest timepiece release. In regards to the 002 (omg doesn’t sound like a slick Bond agent lol); Tom Ford states,

“Introducing the Tom Ford 002 Timepiece in a timeless, round silhouette. The new 002 Timepiece introduces automatic movement in select cases and continues the effortless interchange of straps. Offers a variety of strap colors and rich materials for a custom watch and personalized look.

The 002 [comes] with quartz movement and a polished stainless steel case and crown with onyx inlay. The glossy black dial features white diamond cut hands. Timepiece made in Switzerland.”

DIVINE. A watch that will definitely look amazing and stand the test of time (sorry we couldn’t resist the pun Haha). Each 002 currently retails for $2,690.

Tom Ford 002


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