Get Your Man Right: Summer 2015 Shades and Hats

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Get Your Man Right Summer 2015 Shades and Hats

The heat is about to be on but we are sure your bae is going to want to stay looking cool at all costs. Accessories play a major part in keeping his style modern and as fresh as his line-up. Not all men are into necklaces or wrist bands, but a fashionable hat or shades could be a happy compromise.

Shades and hats are able to protect his eyes as well as skin from the sun and being the great woman in his life that you are, you can rest easy knowing your boo is well protected. Besides being protective such accessories really help pull a summer look together. Even the most relaxed styles receive an extra shot of charisma and flair. Don’t believe us? Just think of Tom Cruise in Top Gun or Will Smith pimping towards the President after defeating a nation of aliens in a pair of sunglasses. Or would MJ have been as much as a Smooth Criminal without his fedora? Probably, but still the proof is in the pudding, accessories easily enhance any ensemble.

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