Diamond Ball 2019 -Watch Out New York It's Coming in September

Diamond Ball 2019
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Diamond Ball 2019

Hold on to your glasses of Rose darlings… Rihanna broke her social media silence in order to make a HUGE announcement. Yes, she was missed at this year’s Met Gala (stop tormenting us Rih! lol); however, she will not be missing from her very own soiree later this year. Diamond Ball 2019 is finally scheduled and is sure to be one of the not to miss events this fall!

Diamond Ball 2019 -Watch Out New York It’s Coming in September

Diamond Ball 2019

So then, when is it going down? As mentioned Miss Fenty made an announcement via Instagram stating,

“September 12, 2019. We’re coming back to NY for the Diamond Ball benefit CLF!! Follow Clara Lionel Foundation for ways to donate, and the announcement of our host and performers coming soon.”

As one can see, a short and sweet announcement yet packed with plenty of info. Now just in case you haven’t heard of it; or have forgotten; the Clara Lionel Foundation does a lot of good globally. It was founded by Rihanna back in 2012; and makes its aim to not only support, but fund groundbreaking and effective education as well as emergency response programs around the world.

Last year, Rihanna even used the power of her multi-million dollar beauty company, Fenty Beauty, to help support CLF initiatives. She released a special edition Diamond Ball silvery product which proceeds all went to her foundation. Way to go Rih, making coins yet giving plenty of them right back.

Diamond Ball 2019

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