Target Introduces Swim Leggings For Summer

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Target Introduces Swim Leggings For Summer

Will it be fruit or a store bought donut? As summer nears we girls often begin to make those pesky big decisions. Those choices that will separate the string bikini clan from the hide in a towel body-wrap bunch. Yesterday morning as I stood in front of my kitchen island staring at my foe, a very glazed carb filled donut, my mind quickly shifted from my thighs to a garment that could possibly make quite a ‘splash’ this season and my breakfast decision easier. This particular couture is being called swim leggings.

Leggings? That can get wet?! Yes dolls, those comfy gym pants we’ve grown to love and Instagram because it makes our booties look on point have been reenvisioned for summer. A seemingly mythical hybrid that is part wet suit/athletic wear as well as part swim/beach attire just made out of a lighter material. Nevertheless, could an item used with a dumbbell translate to being fashionable at the beach?

Target has decided to stretch the limits of swimwear with the Marimekko collection. Items range in price, going up towards a $500 price point. Moreover, do keep in mind that overall this collection is not just swimwear but includes all summer essentials ranging from a bike to a hat. Therefore, anything that you could possibly want (even a paddle board) is there waiting to be bought by you.

Nonetheless, I digress. For $25 you could purchase yourself a pair of the swim leggings. Now my first thought, upon seeing the Marimekko look is that I didn’t think they were quite my style. Of course, like anyone else the idea of hiding a problem area is always welcomed, but leggings for just frolicking and not surfing seemed like a bit of a stretch (like what I did there?).

However, if you are the type of gal that enjoys a more modest fit swim leggings may be right up your alley. You would not be alone either. I researched and got a little 4-1-1 on what women had to say on the leggings and here are a few of their thoughts:

“I like this because I don’t like revealing my body. I usually just wear shorts and a t-shirt when I’m going swimming.” 

“For that day you feel like not shaving.”

“LOL. Target always be trying new stuff! But it’s actually kinda cute, it’s like a two piece wet suit! But with lighter material lol.”

“It’s already been done. I have swim leggings… Target is a few years late.”

“It’s a wetsuit. But nicer and more feminine. This is nice for women who aren’t super confident showing a lot of skin. Even one pieces show your legs so for the woman who isn’t confident with that boom here’s a solution.”

“I think this could take off. Swim leggings would be a nice modest option. I’d like to see a legging capri/cropped option… maybe with a regular triangle top. That be cute.”

Well, it looks like the ladies have spoken! We all want to be comfortable and we all want to look our best. If swim leggings gets you to that place of zen for summer then go for it! By the way, I chose the fruit.

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Target Introduces Swim Leggings For Summer2

Swim Leggings $25

Target Introduces Swim Leggings For Summer3

Paddle Board Set $500