Taitu Botanicals The BEST Herbal Body Care Line

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Taitu Botanicals The BEST Herbal Body Care Line

We were absolutely thrilled when we first heard about Taitu Botanicals! We all know the benefits as well as importance of using natural products on our uniquely gorgeous hair. Nevertheless, what if you could apply those same advantages to your skincare regimen? Well, we are pleased to tell you that you can with the help of one of the world’s premier herbal botanical body care lines.

Taitu Botanicals The BEST Herbal Body Care Line

What are the benefits of using herbal beauty products? For one, you are saying a big fat no to chemicals. Second, harsh ingredients can have harsh effects on skin. In some cases even causing irritation and outbreaks. In short, natural products work with your skin not against it.

Herbal ingredients in body care products date back to even thousands of years ago. Queens and royalty of ancient times would indulge in luxurious, all natural skin care treatments. As a result, such treatments were performed to keep skin youthful and from aging prematurely.

Herbal treatments early beginnings can be traced back to ancient Egypt and Ethiopia to name a few regions. Herbs and plants were put to good use in order to cleanse, heal, protect and at times even prevent wrinkles from appearing in skin. Furthermore, what works for any royal is worth giving a go right?

The Story of Taitu Botanicals

Speaking of royals, the rich meaning behind the Taitu Botanicals name is simply exquisite! Taitu Botanicals founder, Montez Teferi based the name of her deluxe body care line after Empress Taitu the wife of Ethopian Emperor Menelik II. The beloved Empress Taitu was and still is remembered for her love of Africa and stunning beauty.

Taitu Botanicals The BEST Herbal Body Care Line2

Montz Teferi

Teferi has used the inspiration of Taitu to create a line of herbal body care products to provide a wealth of benefits for the skin. Her collection of products blends only the finest fragrant oils as well as herbs found from all over the world. We tested out a few of her amazing products and loved them!

Taitu Botanicals Sea Breeze Natural Soap

Taitu Botanicals The BEST Herbal Body Care Line3

First of all we absolutely love the fragrance of this soap! The earthy, fresh scent takes you away to a very relaxing place. Plus, it is the perfect soap for sensitive skin, which many of us here at 1966 have to worry about. The soap caused ZERO irritation and caused not one single negative reaction. Therefore, if skin sensitivity is an issue this soap is definitely the answer.

The packaging is also very lovely. The Sea Breeze Natural Soap comes wrapped inside a woven pouch. The pouch is closed with a pretty bow. Immediately it felt as though we were unwrapping a luxurious gift for ourselves. We love great presentation and this product possesses just that.

Taitu Botanicals Rosemary Peppermint Hair & Body Oil

Taitu Botanicals The BEST Herbal Body Care Line4

We always love products that can serve more than one purpose. When you live a hectic schedule such products can help you save time without sacrificing pampering or results. Taitu Botanicals Rosemary Peppermint oil can be used on the body and your hair.

The oil left our skin feeling soft and smooth. Moreover, our tresses felt effortlessly manageable and glossy. The oil also worked well as a hair deep conditioning treatment. Its an awesome oil that truly improves the appearance of skin and hair! Montez Teferi has created a line that takes body care to another level. Check out the complete collection here.

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