Beauty Question: What on Earth is an Emulsifier?

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Beauty Question What on Earth is an Emulsifier

Beauty Answer: Emulsifiers are soap-based substances that are added to numerous beauty products to ensure any water-based or oils remain binded together. Naturally, oil and water do not mix with one another. For instance, if you have ever boiled pasta you must likely added oil to the water to prevent the pasta from sticking together. Nevertheless, if you took a closer look into the pot most likely you noticed that the oil and water did not combine or mix. The oil stayed completely intact in little oil droplets.

So then, this means that emulsifiers help achieve something that is not a natural process. Since emulsifiers are added it allows users the convenience of not having to constantly shake a product in order to get the product ingredients to bind back together. Although they obviously help to save time, does this mean they are completely harmless?

Not quite, our beauty lovelies, here is something you might not know about emulsifiers. These substances can be found in products that we use everyday such as lotions, creams and body washes. Once these products are applied to the skin and any oil or water is absorbed or evaporated the emulsifiers are left behind leaving residue. This very residue can cause damage to your skin’s protective layer and produce dryness. When we are young our skin tends to produce more oils but as we get older or skin is dryer which causes our skin to age faster. Therefore, avoiding dryness is like protecting our fountain of youth.

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