Supermodel Sharim Diniz Attends Balmain for H&M Fashion Show

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Supermodel Sharim Diniz Attends Balmain for H&M Fashion Show

23 Wall St. of New York City was the biggest style party of night thanks to the arrival of Oliver Rousteing’s Balmain army. Some of the biggest names in the modeling world came out to stomp the runway in the Balmain for H&M collection show highlighting designer fashions that are more “affordable” for the average fashionista. What exactly does affordable mean in relation to the BalmainxHM collection?

Keeping it totally 100, the high-end collaboration contains designs well over the $500 mark, however, do not despair if your dream is to own a Balmain creation even if the wallet isn’t as fat right now. Every last piece of collection will be available for sale beginning on November 5th and will include several pieces under $100! So then, even though this dreamy match up between Balmain and H&M is not the cheapest collab we have seen from H&M there are still plenty of styles available that will not completely break the bank.

Supermodel Sharim Diniz Attends Balmain for H&M Fashion Show2

Sharim Diniz With Oliver Rousteing

Nevertheless, besides world renown beauties strutting their stuff down the catwalk there were plenty of stunners sitting right in the audience partaking of the show. One being the drop dead, I Wanna Hate On You But I Love Your Style SoFreakin’ Much, Sharim Diniz. Sharim looked too beautiful for words in a yellow Balmain dress as she supported her dear friend Oliver. Diniz took to social media during show stating,

“Supporting my favorite designer from all times Oliver Rousteing…”


Her sentiments rang true right along with several other celebs who felt the show was very successful as well. The only part of the night that broke our hearts is seeing The Backstreet Boys being inducted into the Balmain squad. Nothing against the boys, it’s just that we are NSYNC fans (LOL), but in the spirit of fashion we are willing to let it go.

Supermodel Sharim Diniz Attends Balmain for H&M Fashion Show3

Sharim Diniz With Alek Wek

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