Summer 2015 Fashion: The Oversized Fit

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Chanrnah Ellesse, LCM LFW FW!5, London Street Style Fashion.

Chanrnah Ellesse, LCM LFW FW!5, London Street Style Fashion.

No we are not talking about that saggy pants look from the gangsta music videos of old. Think wide leg pants and shirts a few sizes too big and then you are more in the ball park. Relaxed comfort is what most women aim for during this season and The Oversized Fit look can help get you there.

The London fashion scene has always been known for their forward thinking and modern take on couture. We love this look of a London local, Chanrnah Ellesse, showcasing how to pull off fashions that are not so well fitting. To really make this look work you have to remind onlookers that there is in fact a body in all of those clothes. Help yourself not get lost by showing a little skin and breaking up the color palette. Do not wear the same color from head to toe or you can risk resembling a giant skittle roaming the streets.

Moreover, have some fun with accessories to help add some pizzazz and panache. Incorporate a fun pair of shoes or a cool handbag or hair accessory to take things up a notch. The look is already exaggerated so there’s no need to go completely bananas but because it is not the norm you can add some amusing details.