StylPRO Makeup Brush Cleaner and Dryer

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Okay, we are just going to say it since no one else will… cleaning makeup brushes are the pits! Plus, if many of us are REALLY honest; we may have to admit that we are not even cleaning our beauty tools as often or as effectively as we should. So today, we want to help put an end to the makeup brush cleaning day madness. All you need in order to end all of this type of beauty woes is the StylPRO Makeup Brush Cleaner and Dryer –designed to cleanse and dry FAST so you can get on with your day and business.

How often should you be cleaning your brushes anyway? Most professionals recommend giving your brush sets a bath at least once a week. However, depending on use, types of product formulas and what you created; you may need to perform such a task more often.

Furthermore, besides how long it can take from start to finish, many just find that cleaning their brushes is just simply laborious. Also, do not even get us started on how long each brush can take to dry!

Therefore, imagine a scenario where you can easily toss all your brushes into a washer machine and dryer. They come out sparkling and looking great. Sound good?

Well, the dream is no longer a dream! The good people over at StylPRO created a mini washer and dryer system just for cleaning makeup brushes. Want to see how it works? Check out the video below.

Want to get your hands on this StylPRO product? Get the Makeup Brush Cleaner and Dryer for just around $35.

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