Style Ambassador: Stripes and Everything Nice

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Style Ambassador Stripes and Everything Nice

By the looks of things we see that you are loving keeping up with our Style Ambassador Carly aka Carlifonia. Stripes were a major trend this year on the runway and Carly showcases how she personally likes to rock it! Alright dolls let’s break down her look…

Carly rocks a nautical stripe top that she paired with a chic pair of distressed denim. Now, here is where the fun part really begins, adding accessories to the mix. Our SA added a hat, necklace as well as pop of color with her handbag and peep-toe shoes. The pop of color is great to add more dimension to your outfit.

Carly has been busy with school learning the ropes on how to be a stellar engineer. We are super impressed with how posed she has been during her tough exams and how she seems to know at such a young age what she really wants out of life. She recently shared with us what is her key to being so well-adjusted. She said,

“I’ve realized that you are not going to know you really are, nor what you are made of if you do not give yourself time. However, if you give yourself time you might just be surprised with the outcome.”

Time…something that almost seems to allude us is all that is needed for us to round out into the individuals we really wish to be. A cake is only good if it is allowed to bake to its full potential. Let’s all be like Carly in order to give ourselves the time to fully develop and reach success.