Streestyle: Rihanna in NYC

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Streestyle Rihanna in NYC5

Yesterday, there were several sightings of songstress, Rihanna in New York City. For her first look RiRi rocked black tights, sneakers, Thrasher tee, snapback and Fenty necklace. RiRi had been doing a little body maintenance at Titan gym and was quietly exiting the building. See, isn’t comforting that celebrities have to put in the work for their hot bods too?

Streestyle Rihanna in NYC4

Rihanna kept her relaxed chic vibe going as night fell upon The Big Apple. Her nighttime ensemble consisted of green sweats, gray shirt, gold hoops, tennis shoes and another snapback.

So why was Rihanna on the streets of NYC this week? It looks like the singer is conducting a little business while she is there. Rihanna was meeting with world renown producer Timbaland at a studio.

Streestyle Rihanna in NYC

Beauty Notes: Knowing how to compliment or marry your nail color with your makeup can be very easy. A simple way to not create a color clash is by matching your lip color to your nail color. For her look, Rihanna chose a gorgeous red and the tint pops!

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