Served Fresh Turns Simone Manuel Into Little Mermaid!

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Served Fresh Turns Simone Manuel Into Little Mermaid

The hashtag “Black Women Did That” has been on and popping! Especially, during the 2016 Olympics. Moreover, the hashtag committed to instilling confidence in young black girls around the world can add another cool triumph. Olympian Simone Manuel stole hearts as she became the first African American woman to win an individual gold medal in swimming. Served First has figured out an amazing way to capture the moment. Check it out everyone, Served Fresh Turns Simone Manuel Into Little Mermaid!

Served Fresh Turns Simone Manuel Into Little Mermaid

Served Fresh Turns Simone Manuel Into Little Mermaid2

“Out where they walk, out where they run, out where they play all day in the sun!” Most little girls always dream of being a Disney princess. Simone Manuel is now definitely living the dream! In a super cute artwork by clothing brand Served First Manuel is seen chilling “Under the Sea” with Flounder.

In the pic Simone also rocks a crown and a gold medal! Very fitting due to her historic win. Served First recognizes just how huge Manuel’s achievement is and spoke on how they were inspired by it. They said,

“We designed our First Children’s piece aimed at encouraging young women of color that they too can achieve greatness in the face of adversity. The significance of her victory resonates profoundly with us as swimming pools have been a racially sensitive flashpoint in the U.S. for generations.

Historically, African-Americans were often denied access to swimming pools during the segregation era and long thereafter. In fact, we remember quite vividly how an entire pool was drained after actress, Dorothy Dandridge dipped her toe in.

With artwork inspired by the Little Mermaid, our nieces, sisters, cousins and daughters can now showcase their pride and affection for Simone.”

Details – How to Get Yours

The artwork is up for purchase. You can rock a Simone Manuel Little Mermaid tee to show your support of Black Girl Magic. BY THE WAY! We checked out the Served Fresh website in order to get the price of the Simone Manuel t-shirt and found out something cool.

If you order before August 19th Served First has a coupon code you can use to receive 10% off! Just surf over to their site and a pop-up window will show you the way. This is a limited-time offer but once you see some of their other merchandise you will want to put it to good use. From Usain Bolt to Drake there are tons of awesome designs to get into.

The regular Simone Manuel tee will cost you $35.00. Nevertheless, there is also a crewneck version that retails for $78.50. Head to to get yours now.

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