Serena Williams Pregnancy AND 10 Tips For Staying Fit When Expecting

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Serena Williams Pregnancy

First, Bey is having twins, Ciara is throwing baby showers and now the Serena Williams pregnancy… we just can’t deal! All these beautiful ladies are so deserving in extending their families and are looking amazing while doing it. Serena gave the world quite an OMG moment when one little photo surfaced. We are sure you have seen it, if not we got it right here!

Serena Williams Pregnancy

Serena… girl you win at keeping a secret! Williams has always kept her personal life, well, personal. However, she continues to shock fans over and over. Not too long ago she hit us with engagement news via reddit. Now she quietly slid in the fact that there’s a little bun in the oven and the world could not be happier for her.

Her cute snap photo shot around the world with lightening speed and the congrats soon followed. In the photo Serena shows off her toned physique and little bump in a yellow swimsuit. The selfie pic came with the accompanying caption, “20 weeks.”

Serena Williams Pregnancy – 10 Tips For Staying Fit When Expecting

Being a world class athlete Serena already knows all the tricks to getting as well as staying fit. Even at 20 weeks aka five months Williams still looks like she can take anyone on the court… and win! Nevertheless, if you are a mom-to-be like Serena here are 10 tips that will have you looking like a hot mama right after delivery.

  • Talk to your doctor – Your doctor will be able to provide tons of helpful advice. Also, make sure it will be safe to continue your normal fitness regimen or find out safer alternatives.
  • Get your cardio – Be sure to stick to low impact exercises. This means no jumping or hopping around. Hitting a treadmill or elliptical are much safer options. Get a good sweat but never overheat.
  • Chair Squats – Do 2-3 sets of 20 reps of this exercise to keep your lower body in check. Bye bye thunder thighs!
  • Invest in Dumbbells – Purchase a lightweight pair in order to perform curls, presses and kickbacks for the upper body. These exercises can be done in the comfort of a chair and will help keep your muscles toned.
  • Learn to love walking – Walking is one of the best low impact exercises for pregnant women. It’s a simple and easy exercise that can be done anywhere as well as anytime. Aim to walk for 30-60 minutes or if you are too exhausted it is totally okay to break up your workout. Try shorter increments of time like 8-10 minutes each throughout the day. It all will add up in the end and the point anyway is to keep moving throughout your pregnancy as long as your doctor approves.

10 Tips For Staying Fit When Expecting – (Continued)

Ready for the final five? These next tips will help you stay trim when the fork is in your hand and on the right track.

  • Don’t overeat– Most women only need between 300-450 additional calories during pregnancy. So as fun as it sounds to eat 5 more cheeseburgers than usual, it is not really necessary.
  • Dine for two – Eat high quality protein and healthy mono and saturated fats. This is good for you and the development of your baby. This high satiety diet will help reduce cravings making you want to snack while keeping your blood glucose levels nice and stable.
  • Chase Waterfalls – Drink TONS of water, at least 64 ounces and tack on an additional 8 ounces for every 30 minutes of exercise. Water will help you stay hydrated and reduce nausea, tiredness as well as overeating.
  • Take a rest – You don’t have to go all balls to walls to stay in shape. Listen to your body, if you need rest take it. You can always get back to your regular program once you’re no longer exhausted.
  • Go to bed – Get some beauty rest for you and your future bundle of joy. Getting AT LEAST 8 hours every night will help you recover from your fitness routine and the changes that occur as your baby grows.

By keeping the above tips in mind you will keep the physique you desire. Let Serena be your inspiration and like her you will be able get through your pregnancy like a champ.

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Serena Williams Pregnancy

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