Scandale Halle Berry Lingerie By Halle Berry

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Scandale Halle Berry Lingerie By Halle Berry

Move over Victoria, there is a new girl in town! Actress Halle Berry is ready to release her very own lingerie line, Scandale Halle Berry. Berry is well-known for her insane physique and sexy Tinseltown roles. Therefore, the move to design elegant, come-hither attire fits in perfectly with the classic Halle Berry aesthetic.

Our favorite former Bond Girl broke social media not too long ago just by joining the Instagram and Twitter ranks. Nevertheless, the sexy siren is now about to give the fashion world something to really talk about! Just hours ago Berry released a first look at the Scandale Halle Berry collection. We are getting sophisticated, upscale yet libidinous vibes.

Scandale Halle Berry Lingerie By Halle Berry2

Fans from around the world are already currently reacting to the Scandale Halle Berry lingerie collection. Especially, it seems the ladies can’t wait to get their hands on Halle’s soon to be released designs. Here are a few of their comments:

“Can’t wait.”

“It’s a lingerie brand!”

“This is so cool Halle. I’m looking forward to this line.”

“I’m also hoping that Scandale Halle Berry show the thick women [some] plus size love… Let’s get it ladies! Hey!”

“Great. I love your brand. It’s very comfortable and sexy.”

“Okay but is it affordable or just for the 1%? I’m definitely interested!”


“So gorgeous!”

Alright Halle, it’s clear… you have all of our attention! Moreover, fashionable gals and ladies Halle Berry is keen to give you exactly what you desire. In regards to Scandale Halle Berry Halle stated,

“My vision was to create a brand for women that listens to them and gives them what they actually want without compromise.”

Scandale Halle Berry Lingerie By Halle Berry3

Well, if that’s the case you can definitely count us in! Berry has tons of experience in the lingerie field. Back in October of 2014 Halle released the line Scandale Paris that was available at Target. However, we can’t wait for Halle’s new racy designs!

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