Rihanna Wants You to Upgrade Your Sock Game With Stance

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Rihanna Wants You to Upgrade Your Sock Game With Stance

Our favorite model/singer of all time has a new fashion venture that is just simply cool. How many celebrities out there are choosing to endorse socks? Better yet, how many could lend one’s name to a sock brand and make them look like the must-have accessory of the season? We have to say it, but most likely only Rihanna!

Just days ago RiRi released an attention grabbing music video for her music chart hit BBHMM that had everyone talking. Now the trendy, sassy star is the newest face aka Punk and Poet for Stance socks and the brand couldn’t be happier to have her on board. The Vice President of the women’s division of Stance, Candy Harris spilled the beans on why Rihanna was their obvious choice. She said,

“She’s one of the few women in fashion whose style can go from street to couture in the blink of an eye.”

Rihanna Wants You to Upgrade Your Sock Game With Stance3

Yeah, just think back on any look by Rihanna whether on a red carpet or on the streets of any another country and it is clear that she just gets “It.” Rihanna oozes a fashion and style appeal that makes even a pink dress that looks like a cupcake seem like the perfect prom dress.However, even though she is one of the few that can get away with wearing a paper sack… socks? Harris revealed,

“I know a lot of people are probably saying ‘Why socks? And that’s really the beauty of it, and that’s why Rihanna’s perfect, because she’s constantly innovating and looking to see what’s next. Socks are not really a trend; they’re a fashion staple.”

After that statement, it does make you have an Aha moment doesn’t it? Think about it, when is the last time someone said, “Oh you are wearing socks? Girl that was so two seasons ago!” We are sure you would be hard pressed to think of a conversation that went like that. Nevertheless, that proves the point that socks are not swayed by time, trends or any other fashion movement. They never go out of style, everyone wears them and they are really an untapped market.

Rihanna Wants You to Upgrade Your Sock Game With Stance2

While numerous celebrities are sticking to fragrances, typical fashion lines and hair extensions Rihanna has once again emerged as a true out of the box fashion thinker. For the Murder Rih Wrote (yeah, that’s sock collection name and we love the pun) ad campaign Rihanna seems to mix retro with modern chic due the styling of her hair as well as makeup and the edgy display and vibe of the socks. So then, what is the inspiration behind Rihanna’s first design of socks for Stance? Stance mentioned on their Instagram that,

“Every bad girl knows $$ makes the world go round, @badgalriri‘s first ever collab sock pays tribute to those who know how to hustle as hard as she does.”

Therefore, all the boss ladies of the world unite because we are getting some recognition! Over the past decade Rihanna has proven that hard work and dedication does get you places; especially if you are willing to take a Stance for what you truly believe in.

Rihanna Wants You to Upgrade Your Sock Game With Stance4

Fashion Notes: For the past few years runway models have been spotted coming the catwalk with socks and heels. As during those shows, Rihanna’s ad shows that the look doesn’t just have to remain in elementary school. Socks and heels can look just as sexy with the right attitude and vibes. Would you wear it?

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