Non Toxic Beauty: MARA's Face Oil's Transforming Power!

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Non Toxic Beauty

We all know clean non toxic beauty is an ever-trending topic but when it comes to clean ACTIVE ingredients; do yours pass the test? One of the most powerful active ingredients out there is none other than retinol. What is retinol you ask?

Well, Retinol comes from the Vitamin A. You may be most familiar with this vitamin being utilized in a dietary form. However, it is also added to face products due to its numerous transformative benefits.

Your face’s skin just won’t glow; with retinol it will literally improve right before your eyes. How? For thing one thing, Retinol works to increase the production of collagen; as well as also stimulate the production of new blood vessels in the skin. Such developments cause you to appear more firmer, smoother and more evenly toned.

Non Toxic Beauty: MARA’s Face Oil’s Transforming Power!

That’s why when MARA introduced the Evening Primrose + Green Teal Algae Retinol Oil the only option was to formulate it with clean and BHT-free retinol soaked in hemp-derived cannabis oil and good for your skin.

The 1.2% clean, BHT-free retinol stimulates cellular turnover to reveal new cells and a more youthful-looking complexion without the harmful effects of toxic BHT and BHA. Helps fade the appearance of dark spots, blemish scars, pores and wrinkles and boosts skin clarity and radiance. Controls acne and made with sensitive skin in mind to improve skin texture and is so gentle it can be used up to nightly use.

But That’s Not All People

As if the above reasons were not enough to give MARA’s amazing face oil a try; there’s more! Yes, people there are even more reasons to love and use the Evening Primrose + Green Teal Algae Retinol Oil. Below you will find our cheat sheet of additional benefits.

Other Reasons to Use This Oil, it is:





•Possesses No Synthetic Fragrance.

•Does Not Include Any Parabens.

•No Added Color.

•No Phthalates.

•Has No PEGs.

•And No Silicones.