Beauty Question: Can I Pair Anything Else With Orange Lipstick?

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Beauty Question Can I Pair Anything Else With Orange Lipstick3

Beauty Answer: We loved this question so much we decided to make the rest of this week all about applying lipstick. Orange lip color is a huge trend for this summer and the great thing is that it looks great on darker skin tones when applied correctly. However, there is a bit of caution when it comes to rocking an orange lip… it clashes with just about everything else.

Orange lipstick is already very dramatic so adding various other shades or bold makeup techniques are a no-no. We have conversed with numerous celebrity makeup artists to get the 4-1-1 on this shade and they revealed to us that the only shade that complements orange lipstick is black. They also recommended that it is best to keep the rest of your face simple when wearing orange so that you do not look overdone in a bad way.

Beauty Question Can I Pair Anything Else With Orange Lipstick2

Nevertheless, if you want to have even more fun with orange lips there are still a few ways to punch things up. Use black mascara to help make your eyes pop or use a kohl pencil or eye liner to create a cat-eye. Cat-eye makeup with orange lipstick will make you look even more exotic and alluring.

Last Tip: If black seems too severe you can also apply silvery shimmer eyeshadow with a very light hand to the inside corners of your eyes as well as along the water line. (See the photo at the outset of this post for inspiration)

Beauty Question Can I Pair Anything Else With Orange Lipstick

There’s also one more thing you MUST know when wearing orange lipstick. Do yourself a favor and read our previous post The Truth About Orange Lipstick to learn what it is.