Meet Emmanuel Lartey One of ATL's Hottest Designers

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Meet Emmanuel Lartey One of ATL's Hottest Designers (2)

We recently had the opportunity as well as pleasure of interviewing an emerging designer who hails from ATL, Georgia. Due to such popular shows such as the Real Housewives of Atlanta, the style influence from the ATL has never been hotter! Emmanuel Lartey is breathing new life into the fashion scene by designing clothing that reflects his own work ethic, values as well as personality. Lartey’s determination for success is inspiring and definitely of note to be imitated. Read on to learn more about Emmanuel Lartey as well as his up and coming brand, Eldesign.

Who or what inspired you to develop your own clothing line?​

Life inspired me to start my own clothing line. It wasn’t till I graduated from college that I learned how life hits you in the face and its either sink or swim. So after some hard days, I would listen to my music and create whatever design that god placed in my head. It became an outlet and a way for me to express myself.​

Have you always had an interest in fashion?​

No it wasn’t till I graduated from college and gave up football that I wanted to learn more about the fashion world and put my flavor in it.​

How did the name of your brand, Eldesign, come about?​

Eldesign is the name of my brand. I used my initials+design to create eldesign.​

What type of girl or woman would you say that your clothing line would appeal to?​

My clothing line would appeal to females and kids. The kids clothing will consist of different versions of Creg, who is my brand’s mascot.​

Please break it down for us, what type of items are available for purchase including hats, shirts, etc. and where can ladies go to get your designs?​

Eldesign makes hats, shirts, pants, and different accessories. Follow us on IG @eldesignthecollection, like us on Facebook eldesignthecollection, and check out our website for new releases.

What challenges have you experienced as a designer and how are you overcoming them?​

Some challenges I experienced at the beginning, was deciding who my brand will target. I was caught up in showing off my talent that I didn’t realize that most of my loyal customers were mostly females. So I made some changes and created more female apparel. This was my way of thanking my loyal customers.

Where would you like to see your brand take off to in the future? Meaning in 5 or 10 years when people say or hear Eldesign what do you hope that they will be thinking?​

In 5 Years my brand will be recognized internationally and when people say Eldesign the first thing they will think of is Creg. I am confident in this prediction because of my vision, grind, and god’s will.

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Meet Emmanuel Lartey One of ATL's Hottest Designers3

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