Marc Jacobs Spring 2015 Hair Inspiration

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Marc Jacobs Spring 2015 Hair Inspiration2

Shaggy hair can look very groovy baby, yeah! Marc Jacobs models for his spring 2015 runway show sported very care-free shaggy bobs. Their locks had a very retro vibe as if the models could of been walking through a time machine from the 60’s and 70’s. Punk style has definitely seen a rival in recent years and it even made us think back to the punk inspired Met ball not so long ago.

Nevertheless, would you believe that the Marc Jacobs models wore wigs to achieve their Joey Ramone-esqe bowl cut hairstyles? Before the show the wigs had been dyed jet black and then hairstylists custom fitted the wigs to the model’s heads. Wigs are an excellent way to achieve styles quickly or that may be harmful to your real hair. This show emphasizes that when made and fitted correctly wigs can make a powerful statement just as much as the fashions they accompany.

Marc Jacobs Spring 2015 Hair Inspiration

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