Karreuche Tran Indulges In Fashion For Kontrol Mag

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Karreuche Tran Indulges In Fashion For Kontrol Mag

Karreuche Tran could adorn herself with a paper bag and still make the masses swoon. However, lucky for all of us fashion addicts she has chosen to give us dramatic avant garde! Tran dazzles in an editorial for Kontrol mag which is found inside of their Indulge in Fashion edition. From top to bottom Karreuche looks straight out of a fairytale.

Karreuche Kontrol Mag Editorial

Once upon time Karreuche slayed in a design by Dar Sara and she lived happily ever after. The high fashion gown that Karreuche wears is embellished with Swarovski crystals provided by Crystal House. Her just as stunning heels are a creation of shoe designer Alejandra G.

Karreuche Tran Indulges In Fashion For Kontrol Mag2

Inside Kontrol Mag Karreuche gets real about public perception. She is quoted as saying, “Everyone expects me to be a b***h.” Well, if Tran wanted to be one she would definitely have the achievements to back up the attitude. She has a red hot career as a model, actress, television producer in which she has also won an Emmy. Moreover, she has collaborated with top notch brands in order to create flash tattoos and a line of makeup.

Nevertheless, even with so much success Karreuche is a humble, gorgeous girl. The beauty on the inside and outside type. People may have her all wrong, but she is doing everything so right!

Kontrol Mag Fan Reaction

The shoot was styled by Julian Lark and lensed by Chad Finley. Already fans have been weighing via social media sharing their fashionable thoughts. Some have stated,

“Oh this is stunning”




Alright gals now it is your turn to way in on this stylish shoot. Do you love or not so much?

Karreuche Tran Indulges In Fashion For Kontrol Mag3

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