Is Your Hairstyle Giving Away Your Age?

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Is your hairstyle giving away your age2

Who doesn’t love to keep a good thing going? When several people compliment you on your hairstyle, you might think to yourself, “this is awesome, I’m keeping this style forever!” However, if you received those compliments several years ago then it’s time for a change and fast. Just because you rocked a do in the 80’s doesn’t mean you can rock it in the 00’s. To freshen yourself up, consider making slight changes to your hair from year to year like adding a bang, altering a bang, adding some layers or shortening it a little. You don’t have to make a big, sweeping change, just a simple change to help keep you looking up to date and fresh. In the interest of fairness though, there are some women who have created a classic look that never goes out of style and it has become their signature. So unless your name is Halle Berry or Toni Braxton, you will need to make some slight adjustments from year to year so your hair won’t give away your age.

Is your hairstyle giving away your age