How To Get Your Man To Dress Better – Pt. 1

Dress Your Man
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Perhaps you have been reading and following fashion blogs and stylists for a while. You have tried copying their style, reading lots of articles on dressing and have updated your wardrobe with a few current items. YOU are now looking absolutely fabulous!!

But then you go out in your fabulous clothes with your husband or boyfriend and let’s just say that his attire does not quite live up to your expectations. Let’s just say he does not particularly care about his appearance or the way he looks.

Here’s 4 Tips To Get Him Dressing Better:


1. Plan a ‘date’ for shopping.

Rather than going for a picnic or to a movie, go shopping for a few hours. Tell him how happy that would make you. This tactic may work even better if you have done some pre-shopping and know perfectly where the good stuff is. You may only have 1-2 hours, so it’s best to use that time very profitably.

2. Give lots of compliments when he wears something nice and encourage him to keep it up!!

Anytime he wears something nice, encourage him with nice words and encourage him to keep up the style NOT buy the same thing because too much of the same thing is not cool. Every man loves compliments, and you never know, the penny may suddenly drop…

3. Buy clothes for him, either as presents or just because ‘you were in the city anyway’.

If he doesn’t want to go shopping, there is no reason you should not. Get a tape measure out and get his measurements and sizes and go shopping at those shops that allow returns. Find a moment when he is most relaxed to get him to (at least) try on the clothes.

4. Alert him to clothes that do not fit, and (gently) suggest that they need to be brought to a tailor.

When clothes don’t fit well your man will never look good. Try telling him in the nicest way possible that the cloth doesn’t fit and that the cloth needs a tailor’s touch. That way you can never go wrong.

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Notable mention:

When shopping for your husband, keep the following things in mind:

  • Buy things that match his style and personality. Even though it may be a lot less hip than you would desire, there is no point buying things that he does not feel comfortable with.
  • Check with him what his favorite clothes are and if those are getting old, find some good replacements.
  • Concentrate on quality rather than quantity. Men look much better in high quality clothes and you don’t want to make too many shopping trips for him.
  • Make sure to buy items in color. Men need more color in their wardrobe too!

Arianne Suggs is the founder of 1966 Magazine. I love to write about fashion, beauty, lifestyle, fitness and travel. Join me on my journey.