Get Your Man Right: Untuckit -Shirts Designed to be Worn Untucked

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From the day they are toddlers young boys are constantly told, “Tuck in your shirt!” Why is that? Of course, its because for one mom knows best, but also it just looks posh. That smart lady knew that in order to accomplish a neat and tidy look, her son needed his shirt to remain tucked. Nice looking, yes, but extremely comfortable, not always. That is where the ingenious brand, Untuckit comes into play. They are bringing sexy back, without sacrificing comfort.

Get Your Man Right: Untuckit -Shirts Designed to be Worn Untucked

Boys as they get older grow out of many things. Toys, shoes, various video games, crushes, yet the desire to be comfy never fades. Untuckit solves this little issue for your MCM with a collection of shirts that are fashionable and look good even untucked.

This thought alone will make any guy want to pop a bottle and make it rain. Here is more good news… these are shirt designs that work in causal settings as well as formal. GASP! The key here is all about the fit. If the fit is too big, your guy will look unkempt. Furthermore, if it too tight, well, sausage party anyone?

Untuckit shirts fall at just the perfect length. We are actually HUGE fans of the length because it works for comfort reasons as well as accessibility. The hem of the shirt will fall right around the pockets above where the zipper ends. Since most guys do not carry their valuables in handbags like us women do; they will love this aspect a lot. The shirt is an acceptable length without getting in the way of reaching for something like a wallet or chapstick.

Untuckit -Shirts Designed to be Worn Untucked

Here are a few our styling tips for guys. If your guy loves the thought of rocking the untucked look with denim he should opt for a dark rinse. A darker rinse jean is universally flattering. It instantly creates a more slimming effect. Untuckit boasts so many different designs your guy is bound to find a shirt that matches his personal tastes. Also, if he sticks to the darker rinse it will be easier pair.

Moreover, if he chooses to wear a jacket make sure that the hem of shirt does not extend past the length of his coat. If it does it will make his ensemble look messy and kind of disheveled. Keep these things in mind and you will definitely Get Your Man Right.

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