Beauty Quickie: How to Remove Glitter Makeup

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Glitter makeup… it is all fun and games until little bits of cosmetic confetti keeps dropping into your eyeball! We understand, the look itself is indeed stunning. Moreover, it is becoming even more sought after due to coming back “en vogue.” Models, Instagram socialites and renown mua (Makeup Artist) Pat Mcgrath are leading the fabulous sparkle charge. However, what happens once the fun and music ends? Removing glitter makeup after a night of slaying can be a real pain in the rump. Therefore, what is the method for easy glitter removal?

How to Remove Glitter Makeup

Shine bright like diamond… for hours and days. If you have ever attempted to wipe away or wash away sparkly eye or lip makeup you may have been in for a surprise. Yes, most likely a good 90 percent left your face, but the other 10 stayed around for the after party.

Easy removal begins with a good base. Before applying glittery eye or lip makeup be sure to swipe on a base of Vaseline first. Once your base is in place then you can get glitzy! Clean up any excess sparkly makeup using Scotch tape in order to give your eye or lips look a more clean finish.

Moreover, at the end of the night you can once again let Scotch tape come to your rescue. Use the tape to pick up any glitter bits. Now one might say, “Can’t I just use one of my trusty makeup removal wipes?” Oh you can but a wipe will most likely just move any particles around instead of wiping them up and away. So then, remember dolls use a good base as well as some tape and you can escape any glitter makeup removal issues.

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