Fashionable Mention: Fenty Centerfold Sunglasses -The Fall Season Sunnies

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Fenty Centerfold Sunglasses

The thing about fashion is that it stands still for no man or woman. Trends are flying in and out faster than an international airport. However, that is also the beauty of couture. Since it is always evolving; you can update or morph your personal style to fit whatever mood or season you are vibing. For instance, fashion accessories that work in the summer may need a little adjustment come autumn. Which is why we endorse the Fenty Centerfold Sunglasses; an ode to futuristic and modern voguish style.

Fashionable Mention: Fenty Centerfold Sunglasses -The Fall Season Sunnies

How Sway… these sunglasses by Rihanna are a great because they are not the typical design. Forget cat-eye, aviators or round frames. These babies are more architectural. Making them more edgy, fierce and bolder than the norm.

This type of style is perfect for fall because looks tend to need a tad boost here or there; due to not having the boisterous colors/prints of summer and spring. Plus, glitzy fashion that is popular towards the end of the year needs accessories that possess just as much “POP.” If you are wearing a statement outfit your accessories need to fall in line too.

Fenty Centerfold Sunglasses

Therefore, if you are the type that loves to stand out from the crowd these sunglasses will definitely work for your fashion prowess. Plus, they are great for travel since they are not bulky. The “slim” and sleek design allows them to fold up COMPLETELY flat. Check it out below to see what we mean:

Fashionable Mention: Centerfold Sunglasses

Pretty neat right? Well, the Fenty brand has a little more to stay about this accessory. In regards to the Centerfold Sunglasses the brand states,

“A play of light for the eyes. A play of folds for the hands. The Centerfold, in Black Smoke and Denim Blue.

Light yet strong. Bold but elusive. The Centerfold is a laser cut eye mask that covers the face when worn and completely folds flat when not.”

One other feature to note about these Fenty Sunglasses is the category lense rating. These spectacles come with a category 2 rating. Meaning? That rating that shows that the sunnies will provide a medium level of sun glare reduction and good UV protection.

Category 2 lenses are the most common category you will find in sunglasses sold in fashion. They are manufactured for general use and they provide good protection from visible light as well as UV rays. So if protecting your eyes is just as important as style to you then you will not need to worry thanks to the choice of lense for the Fenty Centerfold.

Want a pair? Get yours now from Each pair currently retails for $510.

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