Fashionable Mention: Chanel Pre-Fall 2015 Floral Cardigan

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Fashionable Mention Chanel Pre-Fall 2015 Floral Cardigan

In the realm of fashion usually when florals rear their couture heads is during the spring season. Spring is the time when every garden is an Eden and designers use this natural occurrence as inspiration. Nevertheless, the Chanel fashion house has never been one to follow the mold and for their Pre-Fall collection are throwing out the conventional point of view.

One piece of the collection that really stood out to us was a floral cardigan that seems to invoke royalty and splendor. The detailing is simply exquisite as well as intricate due to its crystal floral embroideries and appliqués. Truly fit for a queen and shows that it is absolutely okay to bend the rules of fashion. Just because a particular season comes to end, does not indicate that the trends should as well.

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