Ask and Tell: Ellie Mae Ellery Bodysuit As Seen on Lais Ribiero!

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Ellie Mae Ellery Bodysuit

The Item: Drop dead stunner and Victoria’s Secret angel, Lais Ribiero in the Ellie Mae Ellery Bodysuit. The model was seen in her show-stopping attire while going into fittings for the 2018 Victoria’s Secret Fashion Show.

You Asked: Hi 1966, just a little curious about a outfit that I saw on Lais Ribiero. I looked around and no one seems to know where she got it from, so I thought I would finally just come on your Insta and ask lol My question is about Lais’ top and jacket. I love the shine! It feels so 70’s but like not old, old.

Ask and Tell: Ellie Mae Ellery Bodysuit As Seen on Lais Ribiero

Ellie Mae Ellery Bodysuit

The Verdict: Hey there, and thanks for reaching out! We too adore Ribiero’s stylish ensemble! The top VS model is actually wearing a bodysuit instead of a “traditional” top. It is by fashion brand Ellie Mae and it is known as the “Ellery.” Currently, this dazzling look is retailing for $148.39.

Ellie Mae Ellery Bodysuit

Not a fan of black? No problem! With a little fashion investigation we found that this particular bodysuit as comes in a pinkish hue as well. Ellie Mae refers to the tone as “Rosewater.” So then, if you do like this bodysuit, but want to lighten things up a bit; you certainly can!

Ellie Mae Ellery Bodysuit Ellie Mae Ellery Bodysuit

Nevertheless, let’s also get into that ULTRA cute jacket. Lais paired her sparkling Ellie Mae bodysuit with a design by Naeem Khan. The striped garment is from the label’s Fall/Winter 2018 collection.

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Ellie Mae Ellery Bodysuit

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