Editor Pick: Victoria's Secret Paris Perfume

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Victoria's Secret Paris Perfume

Well if we can’t party in Paris with supermodels we can at least smell like one who does! Right now several of the biggest names in the modeling industry are living it up in France as they take part in the filming of this year’s Victoria’s Secret Fashion Show. We love Vicky, her annual runway extraganza and we love Paris. Therefore, naturally we are obsessed with Victoria’s Secret Paris Perfume and you should be too!

Editor Pick: Victoria’s Secret Paris Perfume

The Victoria’s Secret Paris Perfume is the latest fragrance to make its way down the Vicky pipeline. The interesting thing about Victoria’s fragrances is that you never think they will be able to outdo past favorites. Yet, somehow they do it every single time.

The Paris fragrance is described as perfectly capturing the “scent of Parisian gardens.” Ugh, could that sound anymore dreamy? Moreover, it contains notes of white cedar wood, French cypress as well as night blooming jasmine. Together a tantalizing cocktail of fabulousness is produced.

If you have read our other product pick posts then you already know we are sticklers when it comes to packaging and design. If we’re spending money it better look like what we paid. With that said, Paris’ bottle is divine. It definitely reads luxury and deserves a spot on a vanity. Furthermore, the packaging is a winter wonderland complete with ribbons. In short, the packaging is as sleek as the bottle itself.

Victoria's Secret Paris Perfume2

Victoria’s Secret Paris Perfume

This seductive fragrance inspired by the City of Light is now available! However, dolls you may want to hurry on this one. Paris is limited edition so you’ll want to cop one before it completely sells out.

Let’s talk price point real quick. Each gorgeously packed Victoria’s Secret Paris Perfume retails for $65. Available online and in store. BUT another reason we love Vicky is because of all the freebies!

Right now if you buy Paris or any Bombshell fragrance (1.7 oz or larger) you will also receive a FREE Paris or Bombshell lotion. All you have to do is enter code TRYLOTION. Consider yourself officially tipped off (LOL). Enjoy Paris dolls, happy shopping and don’t forget Victoria’s Secret Fashion Show 2016 airs on CBS December 5th!

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