Strike a Pose

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Strike a Pose

Thanks to social media outlets such as Instagram and Facebook you may find your likeness popping up all over the place. This year take the stress out of taking pictures and learn how to strike a pose!

Celebrities know the tricks on how to take great pictures on the red carpet or at any big event. Follow our simple tips and you too will be the shining star in photos. Remember, practice makes perfect so rehearse a few moves and you’ll snap pictures like a Hollywood starlet.

Strike a Pose3

Strike a Pose 101

Rule #1: Never stand with your shoulders facing squarely to the camera.

Rule #2: Keep your body at an angle with your head up and chin down. Putting your hand on your hip can also give your body form.

Rule #3: Always look right into the camera.

That’s it ladies now you have the basics and you are ready to say cheese. Check out next month’s issue as we step it up a notch giving you even more advice on how to strike a pose like a pro.

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