We DON'T Care! Amber Rose's Dark Brown Hair with Highlights is Winning!

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Dark Brown Hair with Highlights

Well look-y here, Amber Rose just joined the long hair don’t care crew. Moreover, some may not be feeling Amber Rose’s new do, but to us she looks fab! Amber Rose’s Dark Brown Hair with Highlights are effortlessly sexy and fit her persona with a capital T.

Amber Rose’s Dark Brown Hair with Highlights is Winning

Rose debuted her new hair this week at the exclusive Nylon Mag party. She killed her look from head-to-toe with flowing waist-length highlighted hair and a sassy rouge dress by Angel Brinks. The gown goes by the name “Flammable.” Fitting because Rose’s look was definitely fire!

Nevertheless, we love darker tresses on Amber because it compliments her lovely skin tone. Also, the highlights are noticeable, but still blend-able so that the overall look is soft, neat yet seductively spicy! On a scale of 10 this hair look on Amber is a solid 20.

Dark Brown Hair with Highlights

Dark Brown Hair with Highlights Haircare Tips

The key to healthy looking hair that has been highlighted is to restore any lost hydration. Aim to deep condition strands often. Apply rich conditioning hair mask after shampooing and leave it on for at least 15 minutes to half an hour. The benefits will be clearly seen in no time flat. You will enjoy strands that are the polar opposite of “porus” with tons of bounce and shine.

Choose the right shampoo and conditioner. Now that your hair has been chemically altered you can’t use your regular old shampoo or conditioner anymore. Instead for products specially formulated for color treated strands. Such products will be PH balanced in order to be gentle and less harsh on color treated hair.

Coloring can leave hair dry due to the chemicals so then protect ends at all cost. Highlighted hair often sprouts ends that tend to fray; therefore, do really tiny trims just to avoid having split ends.

Avoid heat styling as much as possible, but if it cannot be avoided always use a thermal protector.

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Dark Brown Hair with Highlights

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