ColourPop Cosmetics Melrose Collection- California Chic Inspired Makeup!

Colourpop Cosmetics Melrose Collection
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Colourpop Cosmetics Melrose Collection

ColourPop is bringing the L.A. vibes with their spanking new Colourpop Cosmetics Melrose Collection! Melrose is THE street of iconic Hollywood history of the famous and fabulous! For instance, a walk along Melrose will lead to the historic Raleigh Studios, where back in the day Walt Disney rented studio space; and movies and television shows such as The Mark of Zorro, The Three Musketeers, Superman, and What Ever Happened to Baby Jane were developed.

Moreover, keep the glamorous vibes and memory lane stroll going up Melrose and you’ll also see the illustrious Paramount Studios. Also, you know all of those cool wall art paintings in California you see all the Instagram people and bloggers posing in front of all the time? Well… secrets out… a huge chunk of those are found on Melrose. So if you ever find yourself in L.A. you can “do it for the Gram” and snag some cute wall pictures.

Therefore, as one can see; this street is a celebrity as well as Hollywood landmark and playground. Making for the perfect backdrop for a fun, mesmerizing makeup collection. Melrose Avenue literally marks the southern boundary of Hollywood; an independent city from 1903 to 1910 but now is considered a district of Los Angeles. Trust us, we know this because we literally grew up here (Lol).

Nevertheless, ColourPop’s choice of Melrose Avenue  isn’t just perfection because it’s the street to easily spot a celebrity without it being… well, weird. The street is also known as a lifestyle HOTSPOT. If you come to this street bring plenty of dough. Melrose Avenue is one of L.A.’s most famous streets, featuring a myriad of shopping, dining and entertainment destinations. Locate the most famous section, known as the Melrose District, by heading to the West End through West Hollywood and Hollywood.

ColourPop Cosmetics Melrose Collection- California Chic Inspired Makeup!


Colourpop Cosmetics Melrose Collection


Well, enough of the history lesson, let’s get to the cosmetics baby! This new lineup by ColourPop includes a new palette, 4 new lip glosses and 2 blushes! The palette is 12 pan color scheme dream that captures the laidback essence of California and Melrose culture. The shadow names feature popular street names and L.A. activities like grabbing coffee because you’re not Californian until you hit the gym; skip breakfast and get a latte in a pair of designer shades on your way to brunch.

The Melrose Palette shade names are:

  • Angeleno
  • Boutique
  • Trading Post
  • Brunch?
  • Fairfax
  • Easy Breezy
  • On the List
  • Social Club
  • Down to Urth
  • Take It Again
  • La Brea
  • $10 Latte 

OMG love those names! They are so Melrose it’s almost scary (Lol). Nevertheless, the names of the blushes and lip glosses are just as cute and fun. They are:


Colourpop Cosmetics Melrose Collection


Melrose Lux Gloss

  • Health Kick (nice chocolate)
  • Let’s Be Clear (clear)
  • Cross Street (nude with gold and hot pink)
  • Electric (pale nude tone)


Colourpop Cosmetics Melrose Collection


Melrose Blush

  • Juice Bar (pink)
  • Fashion District (nude terracotta)

Prices and Final ColourPop Intel

But what does the ColourPop brand have to say about this new release? While things have been a little quiet about this drop, the makeup brand did make a statement. ColourPop reveals,

“The Melrose Collection! Take a trip to Los Angeles in our newest collection inspired by Melrose Avenue! Available right now exclusively at ULTA Beauty in stores and online; and coming to next month!”

Alright, you heard it! You can get this collection right now at ULTA! How much will it cost you? Currently, each Melrose palette is retailing for $18, while the blush costs $10 and the lip glosses are $8 each.


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