Hair Crush: Beyoncé Attends Wes Lang Art Show

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Hair Crush Beyoncé Attends Wes Land Art Show

Art lover and music phenomenon Beyoncé was spotted in attendance at an art show in Los Angeles, California. Wes Lang’s The Longest Night Of The Year art show was held at Hollywood’s Milk Studios. Queen Bey was not alone, her hubby Jay-Z was closely at her side observing various pieces. Bey brought back the high, long braid style that always makes us want to see her swing it! Fun hair is always cool with us which why we couldn’t keep ourselves from crushing.

Oh! One last thing before we go, if you have ever wanted to dress just like Beyoncé well now is your chance! Of course, we know that Bey wears some pretty expensive garb due to her designer good tastes. However, feast your eyes on those stylish round frame shades by Australia eye-wear brand– Quay. Get your own pair now because they are only $48! So splurge a little, rock a braid and get your Beyoncé on!

Hair Crush Beyoncé Attends Wes Land Art Show2
And yep, Jay was there too!
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