Coloured Raine x Power Makeup Collection Inspired by the Show!

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Coloured Raine x Power Makeup Collection

Say What?! STARZ network hit show may be leaving the air for good; but it will live on in the makeup bags of it’s fans! The Coloured Raine x Power Makeup Collection is fiercely coming out this summer to shake up the beauty game.

What is on deck? Well, black-owned cosmetics brand, Coloured Raine is keeping some details still in the dark; but tacticly creating cosmetics frenzy by giving up a little intel. So far the brand has confirmed that there will be:

  • Highly Pigmented Shadows
  • Long-Lasting Lipsticks
  • Several Products in an “Array of Unparalleled Hues” All Inspired by the Show’s Leading Characters

Therefore, expect a super cool, bold and no doubt edgy collection that will have all the vibes that popularized the hit show itself. When can fans expect the drop? Well, Power Season 6 will play out over a total of 15 episodes beginning on Sunday, August 25, 2019; which can be viewed of course on, STARZ, STARZ ON DEMAND as well as the STARZ app.

Therefore, beauty and makeup enthusiasts will be able to purchase the new collection on the same day that season 6 premieres. So then, if you want to be among the first to have the POWER makeup collection; start saving your coins for August 25th.

Coloured Raine x Power Makeup Collection Inspired by the Show

So how did this partnership come about? Both Coloured Raine and STARZ took time out to reveal all. Loraine R. Dowdy; the CEO of Coloured Raine Cosmetics states,

“I’m a big fan of the show! As an independent black-owned brand, I feel honored that STARZ entrusted us with this partnership opportunity. I’m looking forward to this final season because I know our vision and product quality will make a POWERful end to the story!” 

What about STARZ take on the collaboration? Allison Hoffman, the CMO of STARZ says,

“The confidence that comes with looking good and feeling good is empowering for everyone. In partnering with Coloured Raine, we are able to bring our fans a distinctive collection of quality products that will allow them to recreate the trendsetting looks; and defining style of Power’s leading ladies and make it their own.”

It’s All About the Benjamins

Coloured Raine x Power Makeup Collection

No makeup reveal would be complete without an official price check. Fortunately, for all of us makeup addicts Coloured Raine is not keeping secrets on just how much the POWER collection items will cost. Which is great because now we all can start setting aside our hard-owned coins.

Nevertheless, in regards to prices Coloured Raine will be selling products for between $15-$45. Making this collection an affordable beauty option that is sure to sell out FAST. Therefore, be sure to mark your calendars for this August when this fabulous limited edition drops exclusively at

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