Beyonce Is CFDA Awards 2016 Fashion Icon

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Beyonce Is CFDA Awards 2016 Fashion Icon

The waves of the fashion sea had been quite quiet when it came to who would be this year’s recipient of the CFDA Fashion Icon Award. Literally, you could of dropped a pin and the silence on the subject would of still remained. A few rumors had been sparked as to a certain queen of a hive who could possibly be the winner. Well, if you were still in wonderland you did not have to reside there long because Bey’s fans had started early to confirm their suspicions. Before long anyone with an Instagram, Twitter, Snapchat or Tumblr knew that Beyonce is CFDA Awards 2016 Fashion Icon!

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How did they uncover the big secret of the night? Images and videos soon emerged of Jay-Z on his way to the CFDA Awards with little Blue Ivy in toe. That was the first piece of evidence that quickly began to circulate. The next piece of evidence was the smoking gun.

At about ten till 8 p.m. the official Twitter account for the CFDA made a simple yet humongous announcement stating,

“Behold! Your CFDA Awards Fashion Icon Award winner, the incredible and unparalleled Beyonce.”

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Boom…there it is and there it was! It didn’t take much more than that for the Beyonce is CFDA Awards 2016 Fashion Icon news to spread like wildfire. In minutes every man, woman and child knew Beyonce was taking home the coveted Fashion Icon award. So what did an icon wear tonight for her big win?

Beyonce sparkled in a pinstripes Givenchy design. This seemed like a fitting choice since wearing Givenchy came up during her latest visual album Lemonade. Beyonce’s win is sure to cause a tiny stir and style debate due to the hoopla that began over her couture two years ago when a writer made the statement that Bey is not a fashion icon. Great performer with an okay style is what some claimed.

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What does the evidence show? We were DMed quite a bit on Twitter regarding our views on Beyonce’s style. Here are our quick thoughts:

When we think of fashion icons the names: Diana Ross, Naomi Campbell, Grace Jones, Janet Jackson, Aaliyah, Prince, Michael Jackson and yes, Rihanna come to mind. Not our complete list by any means but they help to illustrate our point. These icons didn’t wear trends, they set them. People wanted and still try to immolate their style. For instance, MJ had everyone wearing a red jacket, super tight black pants, penny loafers and a glittery glove. Moreover, the fact that you visualized that outfit perfectly proves the effect and influence Michael had the fashion industry.

Everyone we named also has something else in common. They are considered stylish risk takers. Prince and his revealing chaps, Janet’s Poetic Justice braids/denim/crop top look, Aaliyah fully decked in Tommy Hilfiger, Diana’s sequined gowns and even Rihanna’s yellow Met Gala look. Focusing on Rihanna, people were so fashion starved at this year’s Met Gala they searched the Internet high and low for Rihanna who wasn’t even in attendance. She still ended up being the third searched for celebrity of the night.

Case in point look at all the editorials that continue to be made channeling Prince, Grace Jones and Aaliyah. There really hasn’t been a DC editorial tribute. Could be on its way but hasn’t made its debut yet.

In conclusion a fashion icon makes us beg for more and even after their career isn’t at its peak we can’t help but remember the good times. Beyonce is a gorgeous woman which is why we constantly write about her. Could she go harder in the style department? Yes and we would love to see it! We’ve been praying for the day she changes her hair color or takes some other stylish risk. We’d love to see more than the leotard because she has a dream hourglass body. The body people pluck and inject themselves for or configure up in some photoshop app. That body could wear, rock and stun in anything!

So yes, we will always tip our big hats (wink, wink) to Beyonce because she has survived in an industry for decades where most careers last two years if they’re lucky. In an industry that transitioned from being talent driven to imaged based. If anything that is worth an award in itself and an excellent reason to give credit where credit is definitely due. Congratulations Bey and great detective work tonight Beyhive.

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