Bebe Stores Closing Doors For Good- The Mall is Dying

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Well, dolls it looks like another one bites the fashion dust. Bebe stores closing are changing the face of the shopping experience… again. The brand just announced that they are closing the doors to all their stores. The shocking news sent chills down many stylish spines. Especially, since there seems to be a scary growing trend of stores leaving the famous mall scene. What the hanger is going on?

Bebe Stores Closing Doors For Good

The reign of the mall is quickly losing its dominion. The past couple years has seen the store closing plaque spread faster than a hurricane wind. Many factors have played into this shopping phenomena. Changing markets, out of touch marketing, overpriced items and sustainability are just a few of them.

Nevertheless, this has not prevented ladies from all over the globe from being upset over Bebe stores closing. Even on social platforms girls are speaking up about this situation. Here are a few of their thoughts:

“So sad Bebe is closing.”

“All stores are closing down! Booo.”

“No don’t close Bebe. #BebeBabe”

Bebe Stores Closing

“I can’t believe that all stores are going to close.”

“I can’t begin to say how much I love this store! Whenever I visit Bebe I want to buy everything! I receive so many compliments on my clothes and I never look the same as everyone else! Everything I have bought at Bebe has held up really well. It’s such an unique brand. Even though a lot of items there are dry clean only, the bill is worth it! #BebeGirl #LoveBebe #Heartbroken”

Many of us considered ourselves to be Bebe babes. So seeing such a store not able to survive puts a grim outlook on other brands’ futures. However, there is hope, a ray of light if you will, at the end of the tunnel. Bebe assures their fans that they will still be operative online. Therefore, if you want Bebe fashions you will need to become an online shopper.

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Bebe Stores Closing