Beauty Question: Can Lash Curlers Cause Eyelash Damage?

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Beauty Question Can Lash Curlers Cause Eyelash Damage

Beauty Answer: This is a subject that normally does not receive a lot of attention. Women everywhere use eyelash curlers in order to give their lashes more oomph and lift. However, lash curlers may not be a girl’s best beauty friend.

Eye lash curlers are literally designed to crimp and bend eye lashes which can cause not only damage, but loss of eyelash hairs. Think about it, even crimping and bending the hair on top of or your head day after day can eventually cause damage to strands. If you notice that your lashes are becoming more scarce you may want to look to your curler as being the culprit.

Beauty Question Can Lash Curlers Cause Eyelash Damage2

What can be done to get great eyelash curl without all the damage. Invest in a good mascara wand OR eyelash curler. Aim to use a felt mascara wand because they are amazing at creating contoured definition with damage due to being flexible and gentle. Nevertheless, if you choose to go the curler route aim for one that will cause the least amount of stress to your lashes. The Uemura Eyelash Curler which retails for $20-25 will only acquire one squeeze to get your lashes to stay curled all day.

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