The Beauty Has No Color Challenge- Makeup Artists Changing the World

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Have you heard of the Beauty has No Color Challenge? Makeup artists and lovers from all over are coming together to end prejudice. Thus, promoting that beauty comes in all shades. Leading the charge is makeup artist Kat Bahadur who is extremely passionate about makeup. Thanks to her hashtag and skills people are talking. Let’s get to gabbing, we got all the details for ya!

The Beauty Has No Color Challenge- Makeup Changing the World

Kat’s love for cosmetics has garnered her thousands of social media fans. Now she is using her platform and voice for a good cause. She explains:

“So I’m going to post a video speaking on why I’m pushing this so hard. It’s disgusting how people are treating each other because they want people to remain segregated. Beauty has no color.

I want to make people uncomfortable. I want people to begin talking. Moreover, I need people to stop being so caged up in their mind. Also, I need people to start loving and stop bashing people just because we want to be unified.

God  made us all beautiful. Beauty has no color. This look was inspired by the comment section in the picture where I had multiple shades. We as a people need to stop this race competition. No one is better than another. We are all equal in the eyes of God. Moreover if he sees us as equal why don’t we?

This world is hurting. Furthermore, we all need to learn how to accept each other. It’s 2017 let’s get it together now and more importantly we need to start loving more as well as forgiving.

As a makeup artist and lover of all people I challenge my other makeup artist friends to recreate this look and post with the hashtag Beauty Has No Color. There is nothing wrong with appreciating beauty. There is nothing wrong with being an artist. Stop being a hater and learn to love with your whole heart.”

Beauty has No Color Challenge

Feeling this beauty challenge? Want to get involved? All you have to do is recreate a look similar to the one Kat designed demonstrating that all skin tones are gorgeous.

Once you have your makeup on point for the challenge post it online and tag Kat. So then, go ahead and put those YouTube skills work. You may just be helping others to see the beauty that all of us possess.

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