3 Simple Natural Hair Tips Every Girl Should Know

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3 Simple Natural Hair Tips Every Girl Should Know

As they say, the quickest way to ruin a great outfit is by… well, then again there are plenty of things that could send your fashion moment south, but your hair should never be one of them. If you have ever decided to wear your tresses in their natural state you may have run into a couple snags here and there. Yet, these little moments can become far and in-between with a little “head knowledge.” Keep reading on to find out 3 simple natural hair tips every girl should know.

Major Key:  Conditioning is Bae

Many naturalistas must always think, ‘Duh’ any time someone mentions the word conditioner. However, it is as true now as it was the first time anyone said it. The longer the strand the longer it takes for natural oils to travel from the scalp to the end of a strand. The same is true of curly hair. The tighter the curl the longer it will take for oils to reach the ends. Any girl who has ever dealt with “shrinkage” knows this to be true. Often times the lower parts of your hair nearer to the ends tend to look more worn or dry due to this travel time. Therefore, give your strands a helping hand and saturate your hair with conditioner in order to moisturize and protect every one of your hard-earned inches of natural hair.

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Major Key: Shampoo Is Not Always Your Boo

One way to strip your hair of the much needed hydration and conditioning it needs is to use a product containing Sodium Lauryl Sulfate. If you are serious about haircare it is always wise to look to see what ingredients make up the products that you use regularly. Sodium Lauryl Sulfate, often found in shampoo, can be harmful for natural hair because it’s a detergent and a salt. Most curls will find such a mix to be too severe and without enough conditioning agents present the hair’s cuticles can be lifted. This lifting results in dull, dry and frizzy hair. 3 hair sins curly girls certainly try to avoid committing. It is highly recommended to cleanse strands using a sulfate-free shampoo instead.

Major Key: Drink It, Don’t Apply It

Save alcohol for a night out with the girls. Once again it is best to read labels and avoid using products that contain any harmful ingredients, including alcohol. Alcohol is very drying and literally sucks up moisture like a vacuum. Gels, hair sprays and mousses often include this particular ingredient. Use sparingly or aim to use water-soluble hair gels.

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