2020 Emmy Awards Beauty and Hair Trends From the Virtual Red Carpet!

2020 Emmy Awards
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2020 Emmy Awards


Who would of ever thought that in the midst of lockdowns, quarantines and stay-at-home orders that there could be this must glamour! For the 2020 Emmy Awards all your faves hit the virtual red carpet in true A-list style. Here are a few of the trends that we noted!

2020 Emmy Awards Beauty and Hair Trends From the Virtual Red Carpet


2020 Emmy Awards


Alright, let’s start with hair shall we? There was a ton of beautiful hairstyles but a couple seemed to stand out above the rest.

The Updo

Nothing says elegance and class like a chic updo hair look. The Hair Bun was a popular choice by many starlets like Euphoria‘s Zendaya. What we like most is that those who wore a bun; chose not to be all “fussy” with it. They did not have to look “perfect.” Instead tendrils of hair was allowed to fall loosely and natural hair texture was not hidden like with Regina King’s red carpet hairstyle.




2020 Emmy Awards



Smooth and Sleek

As our grandma used to say, “Girl their hair last night was dyed, fried and laid to the side!” We got a real kick out of all the SUPER slick and silky hairdos last not on the red carpet. Rather hair was pulled back (hey we see you Tracee Ellis Ross!); or left hanging down straight (like Kerry Washington); the name of the game was ultra smoothness accompanied by luminous shine. Hair looked healthy and supple.


2020 Emmy Awards


2020 Emmy Awards




Hair Accessories

How fun! Hair should just be a blast to play with and style; so we always love seeing such playfulness at red carpet events. An easy way of doing this, is by incorporating a hair accessory. Moreover, hair accessories can instantly add more dimension, glam as well as flair to any hairstyle rather it is a daytime or nighttime look. We thought the gorgeous H.E.R. demonstrated this trend very well!


2020 Emmy Awards




Short and Fabulous

Yeah, inches are cool. But their is just something mesmerizing about a gal that can just cut it all off and still kill it! As an icon once said, “A woman who cuts her hair is about to change her life.” It’s a big deal and there’s divas that can rock it proudly like no other. Last night we witnessed some super cut and majorly EDGY short hairstyles!




2020 Emmy Awards Beauty and Hair Trends (Continued)

So what about Beauty Trends? For the most part makeup was keep very simple, minimal yet pretty. Nothing too extreme made it’s way down the virtual red carpet, but that didn’t stop trends for developing!

Draw the Line

As mentioned, flawless glowing skin was definitely “IN;” and the stars made sure not to cover up their radiant complexions with a lot of makeup. Many opted to add a little drama to their makeup with a simple thin cat-eye. With this trend Grown-ish actress, Yara Shahidi and others truly proves that in makeup less can be more!


2020 Emmy Awards




Pop of Color

Minimal makeup doesn’t have read BORING. You can still make quite the beauty statement by drawing attention to your eyes, lips or cheeks with a little pop of color. Celebs like Kerry Washington and Regina King gave their looks an infusion of vibrancy with gorgeous hues of color!





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