Ask and Tell: Ciara Wilson's ZARA Printed Jumpsuit under $70!

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ZARA Printed Jumpsuit

The Item: Singer and entertainer, Ciara Wilson’s ZARA Printed Jumpsuit. The musical artist was spotted in her floral frock while out enjoying a date with her NFL hubby, Russell Wilson.

You Asked: Okay, I kind of just need a little confirmation. I think I found Ciara’s jumpsuit online but the price is throwing me off. This look is by ZARA right? BTW I am in the US.

Ask and Tell: Ciara Wilson’s ZARA Printed Jumpsuit under $70

ZARA Printed Jumpsuit

The Verdict: Thanks for the couture question and yes, you are correct! Cici’s cute jumpsuit is by the ZARA fashion label. The brand describes its design as a “long jumpsuit with floral print and contrasting piping detail. [It also] features a lapel collar, V-neckline, long sleeves, front pockets and buttoned cuffs.” For these reasons, the brand named this ensemble, the ZARA Printed Jumpsuit.

ZARA Printed Jumpsuit

Moving on to price we can completely understand why there might be some confusion. ZARA’s website is not always automatically set to the country that you reside in. For instance, the printed jumpsuit you are desiring on our end reads as 79.90CAD. This is Canadian money, so not quite helpful to someone wanting to pay in dollars. However, the equivalent amount in American money would be around $62. Watch for prompts because many times ZARA will have popups asking if you want to change the currency.

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ZARA Printed Jumpsuit

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