Urban Decay Outspoken Vice Lipstick -Helping One Sale at a Time

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Urban Decay Outspoken Vice Lipstick

Makeup giant, Urban Decay Cosmetics wants the world to know there are other ways to enact change besides marches. The brand is putting their makeup where the mouth is; by releasing the Urban Decay Outspoken Vice Lipstick. A true rebel lip color that has a major cause.

Urban Decay Outspoken Vice Lipstick -Helping One Sale at a Time

So how exactly will Urban Decay Outspoken Vice Lipstick help others? UD took to social in order to answer that question. In a simple reply the the cosmetics label says,

“More than just a pretty shade. 100% of the purchase price of Outspoken Vice Lipstick is donated to the WGE Fund and Equality Now Organization through the Ultraviolet Edge.”

Now just in case you are not too familiar with the WGE Fund or Equality Now Organization; we thought we would give you a super brief overview. So that you know exactly where your money will be going. Also, will have a good idea on how any donated monies might be used.

Urban Decay Outspoken Vice Lipstick

The WGE Fund is short for Womens Global Empowerment Fund. They work to create opportunities for women and families in post-conflict northern Uganda. They accomplish this through economic and social opportunities.

As for the Equality Now Organization, they are are completely non-profit. Moreover, they are all about women in general. Their aim is to once and for all create a just world for women as well as girl all across the globe.

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