What is Microblading?

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What is Microblading2

If you are a victim of over-plucking, years of botched waxing jobs or perhaps are out seeking out the perfect brow then microblading may be the answer to your “on fleek” prayers. Permanent makeup has come under the beauty firing squad for years due to the bad results many women were experiencing. Skin discolorations, irritation, infection and even odd symmetry from inexperienced technicians were just the tip of the iceberg. Moreover, due to such revelations women have shied away from such makeup, yet it doesn’t mean they are not open to other less harmful cosmetic procedures.

This is where microblading comes into the beauty world picture. Microblading is a semi-permanent procedure that reconstructs, shapes and fills in eyebrows. It is performed with a special pin that deposits pigment under the top layer of the skin.

A pin getting up under the top layer of skin to inject an ink basically sounds like a Marvel character experiment. Therefore, as any sane woman on the planet would want to know, is microblading a painful procedure? Unlike the process that a person can undergo when receiving a tattoo, microblading pin blades are three times thinner than tattoo needles. So then, if a microblading tech performs the job right the entire process should be almost painless. Nevertheless, before beginning, a numbing solution will most likely be applied to the skin to help numb and lessen any discomfort.

What is Microblading

Now that pain is out of the way it is natural to wonder if the end results will look… well, natural. Microblading can give clients a more natural look because the technique involves a technician drawing on crisp, individual hair strokes instead of drawing an outline eyebrow shape and simply filling it in. As any nurse would explain, because the pigments are being deposited right into the epidermis thus impacting color right at the surface every stroke looks very clean without any spillage under the skin.

Now for those who caught it, the mention of nurses may have thrown you off just a tad. Microblading before becoming a beauty trend was used to help alopecia and cancer patients dealing with hair loss. Such patients often had to painstakingly apply eyebrow makeup on a daily basis before this hairstroke technique was invented.

So then, there is an ease and added benefit of being able to really say, “I woke up like this.” However, microblading is not just an one-time deal and then you are good forever. This technique is not permanent and will need to be touched up in order to keep those brows looking pristine. Moreover, as you have already guessed that would tact on future extra cost after the initial procedure.

Numerous salons as well as spas have began to offer microblading services with some going as high as around $1,000. Based upon where you decide to go spas offer touch-ups for $50 with annual touch-ups that can go for a little over $300. A little pricey, but as history shows for some the price of beauty is never too high.

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Want to see the microblading process in action? Watch the below videos:

This last one is a must-see, the entire process from start to finish in just a few minutes!