IMAN Covers InStyle March 2019 Issue -Fashion's Unrivaled Empress

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IMAN Covers InStyle March 2019

She’s style, she is grace, she’s a cover girl oh hey! Supermodel IMAN Covers InStyle March 2019 edition and she is looking as fabulous as ever. In the article, InStyle discusses her iconic career and more!

IMAN Covers InStyle March 2019 Issue -Fashion’s Unrivaled Empress

How did IMAN come to have such an amazing career in the tough and gruff modeling and fashion industries? Well, the model is discussing just that to InStyle. Regarding the piece and IMAN’s gorgeous visuals, the magazine says,

“Supreme. For our second March subscriber cover, IMAN wore this t-shirt as an homage to her stature as an unrivaled deity of the modeling world; a trailblazing cosmetics entrepreneur; and a long-standing advocate for women. (Although it was her idea for it to be wet!).

IMAN Covers InStyle March 2019

Her career has spanned four decades. And although she retired from the runways in 1989; she continues to outpace some of her youngest peers both in relevancy and ad pages. Most recently doing campaigns for Valentino and Balmain.

‘My plan is just loose. It’s kind of weird, because I’ve worked all my life, from when I was 14 years old… I’ve stumbled into things; or things found me. So now I’m at a stage where i’ll just see what happens.’

Read more of Eric Wilson’s profile of the supermodel at [our website online].”

IMAN Covers InStyle March 2019 Issue

So really, how did the wet tee shirt thing come about? It’s such a sexy move and InStyle’s Fashion News Director, Eric Wilson had the full scoop! Wilson reveals,

“About that time I had to ask IMAN why she decided to pose in a wet T-shirt for the cover of InStyle. ‘I suggested it,’ she told me. ‘I’m 63 — why would I have a Supreme T-shirt? It’s just a boring T-shirt. It’s too young and too hip.

So (on the set) I said, jokingly, ‘Why don’t we get it wet?’ And as I said it, everybody said, ‘Yeah!’ I was like, “F&%&, now I have to deliver.'”

Sounds juicy. Also, Eric says there is more to the story. So get the details on that as well as the rest of interview at

IMAN Covers InStyle March 2019

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